Process Optimization

Topiderm provides you with the opportunity to develop fully-customized product formulations for your brand or to utilize our expert in-house R&D group to do it for you. While some companies might take your formula as presented and simply “mix it up” for you, our method includes process optimization and other important elements such as stability and packaging optimization. Since our inception, we have worked with hundreds of clients and manufactured thousands of products.

What is Process Optimization?

There are many ways to make products but there is typically one best or optimal way to do so. Perhaps a formulation has stability issues or develops an off odor over time; this is typically an indication of a processing or perhaps formulation issue. Topiderm will bring to bare the resources of our manufacturing, scale-up and R&D teams to ensure that your process is analyzed and improved until it reaches optimization. This will ensure that each batch will match your standards every time and maintain that condition over its entire shelf-life.

The Benefits of Process Optimization

Some of the benefits that process optimization solutions provide include:

  • Batch to batch uniformity of product
  • Improved stability
  • Minimization of the use of ancillary ingredients to stabilize poor formulations
  • Ease of validation

Our Expertise in Process Optimization

Topiderm understands that there are several fundamental parameters that may affect optimal performance in manufacturing. These parameters include:

  • Optimization of control processes: To achieve desired results in one’s product, one must ensure that it is manufactured at the correct conditions of batch size, agitation temperature and pressure. Topiderm Inc. can help you navigate each control loop that is part of your product’s manufacturing process.
  • Optimization of operational processes: Operating procedures can, at times vary from operator to operator, and from shift to shift, if processing instructions are not explicit and controlled.
  • Oversight: Even the best process can be misapplied or improperly executed if it is performed without proper oversight and training. These controls are fundamental parts of our operation.

Why Choose Topiderm, for Process Optimization?

At Topiderm, we not only take your concept to fruition but will optimize your manufacturing processes as well. We have both the experience and expertise to ensure that your products are manufactured in a reproducible, efficient and cost-effective manner. Our process optimization solutions are also designed to help you fulfill your orders correctly on time, every time.